"Goat II" Back Patch
"Goat II" Back Patch
"Goat II" Back Patch
"Goat II" Back Patch

"Goat II" Back Patch

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The "Goat II" design and its predecessor used for The Secret were both inspired by Bathory's debut album cover.

Black background with white thread stitching. Not a screen print or sublimated image.

All three variations of the "Goat II" patch are hand and machine manufactured using the same high quality materials. 

The back patch comes in three shapes: back patch shaped, rectangular, contoured (goat head shaped)


Back patch shaped

  • Angled sides to fit a denim jacket 
  • 11 inches wide on top / 9 inches wide on bottom / 13.5 inches tall


  • Shaped like a rectangle
  • 11 x 13.5 inches



  • Goat head shaped
  • 9 x 13.5 inches