How do I qualify for FREE SHIPPING?

If you are located in the US, you automatically receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $20

In CanadaMexico, or an International Customer? For free shipping, your order amount needs to be at least $96.66.

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What are your shipping and handling rates?

orders $19.99 and below

orders $20 - $96.65

orders over $96.66













Rest of World





Postage costs are high, but the post office charges me almost $25 to ship a print outside of North America. 

I pay for a large part of the shipping of any international order. 

Currently I am looking for a European supplier and distributor.

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Shipping options and order fulfillment


Packages are sent at First Class or Priority for US customers. Tracking numbers are provided with your order.

All International packages are sent First Class International with tracking. However if you need a rush order, contact us.

Please note that sometimes I have to split up the orders due to packaging restraints.



I try to fulfill orders once a week. Sometimes though art prints need to be manufactured and can take two weeks to process. 

Please expect a 1 - 3 week turnaround time for your order to arrive. 

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What is the status of my order?

After your purchase is complete, you will receive an order confirmation email with a link to monitor your order's progress. 

The email will be sent to the address associated with your payment account. 

In addition to email alerts, you can also sign up for text alerts on the order update page.

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Where is my tracking number?

Your order's tracking number will be emailed to the address attached to your payment account. If you signed up for text alerts, it will be sent there too.

The order information page showing the status also will show the tracking information.

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Unfortunately, we don't receive any more information regarding packages in transit than you do. We are only able to see the information on the tracking page provided by USPS that is displayed on your order information page. The majority of packages do arrive on time without any issue. However some packages do occasionally get delayed, most of the time this will only be by a day or two but sometimes this can be for longer. Occasionally things will get returned to us, and other issues may occur. We understand this is frustrating but obviously, we don't work for the USPS and we have no control over this. We do ask that you reach out to your local post office for more information. If a package is returned to us we will let you know.



We do everything possible to help you avoid customs fees, but sometimes they are inevitable. Any additional fees are not from KVLT PLANET or VBERKVLT and any customs/import fees and/or taxes are the sole responsibility of the customer. Please check with your local customs office for more information.



Unfortunately we have nothing to do with any issues that may arise with customs officials. Please feel free to reach out to your local customs office with any questions that may arise.

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Lost or damaged packages

We make every effort to prevent loss by providing tracking information on your package. 

Please make sure to provide a COMPLETE address. If you leave out an Apartment, Suite or Floor number, it is likely the post office will return the package to us. In that case you would need to repay the shipping cost again, plus any associated cost we are charged by the post office for the return postage on your package. This is easily avoided by providing complete and total address information. 

While shipping carriers are reliable 99.9% of the time, orders can and do occasionally disappear completely or incur serious damage in transit. This is just a reality of buying anything online, and one we cannot take responsibility for in the event it happens.

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Returns and refunds?

Returns accepted only in the case of a defective product or mis-shipment.

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