Welcome to KVLT PLANET, the new VBERKVLT online store! Using this new setup, we're able to create discounts and save you money on postage, and now we can offer FREE SHIPPING which will cut 24% from your total order value! 

There is an order minimum of course.

But why the switch to a new store? The old system was a huge drag to use which made the simple tasks of updating it with new products, keeping track of orders and fulfilling purchases a massive headache. Also this way I can offer discount codes too.

The name change probably deserves an explanation as well. If you're wondering why we changed the name, it's because I wanted to branch out into other areas and use KVLT PLANET as a merchandise label to release collaborations with other artists and also license their artwork for production.

Anyways, the first project with other artists will be a set of artwork prints that I have been wanting to do for years! It's a tribute to H.R. Giger's xenomorph from the ALIEN movies. The project title is "XENOMORPHIC", and features the Galaxy's best underground metal artists! 

The lineup for this project is pretty insane and I was lucky to get these guys on board. Participating in the project are: Mark Riddick, Lucas Ruggieri, Rok (Sadistik Exekution), Jason Barnett, Bharatudanu, and Scott McPherson ( Nihillustration)!

I'll be contributing artwork too of course!

Check out the exclusive preview:



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